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Video Game Tales

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New community whoring. Nov. 8th, 2005 @ 04:10 am
My new community:


If you need to run off at the mouth, rant and rave, or just plain have a hissy fit, come right in.

Feel free to spam this around, if you like the idea.

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Nebraska: 38 - Iowa State: 31 Jul. 31st, 2005 @ 01:08 am

Iowa State jumped out to a staggering 17-0 start before I even knew what had hit me.

Midway through the 2nd quarter I managed a FG.  Then I started to drive.

With the score 17-3 and less than a minute left in the 1st half I run my Heisman candidate QB (named after myself, of course) to the left on an option.  I tuck it up field and head toward the sideline.

Just as I hit the sideline, I get nailed.


Out for the game.

So my backup QB Zac Taylor steps in.  He's a better thrower but can't run worth a damn.  Luckily I've got Cory "Porkchop" Ross in the backfield, and I highly intend to lean on him, hard.  But with time running out and 50+ yards to go, I head to the air.

15 yard completion to the right side, spike the ball.
30 yard completion down the middle, spike the ball.

This is a huge 7 points for me, I get the ball to start the 2nd half, and I call a run.  Porkchop off the right tackle.

He skirts into the endzone to close the lead to 17-10.

Fast forward to the end of the game.

Score: Nebraska: 17 Iowa State: 24  2 minutes remaining

I'm driving down the field rather well but get stuck in a 4th and long inside their 50, and fall short.  But on State's first play they air it out and I step in front of it for a pick...

Only to follow it up with a ball that falls just short of my open WR in the endzone and it gets picked off.  First snap of the ball they hand it off and the RB gets nailed by LeKevin Smith who jars the ball loose and it gets picked up by Titus Adams.  We're in business again.

Leaning very heavily (read: completely) on Porkchop, I sneak into the endzone with :18 seconds remaining on the clock.  We're going to overtime.

I win the toss and choose to go on defense first.  Iowa State takes the ball and after stopping them cold on their first 2 plays, they sneak past my zone for a completion down to the 3.

Again, stopping them stone cold on their first 2 plays, they manage to run it in on their 3rd try.

Dammit.  31-24

A couple short passes and a Porkchop or two later, 'Chop is dancing into the endzone for the game tying TD.  My turn.

The first play from scrimmage in the 2nd OT, Porkchop takes it 'round the right end and dashes 25 yards for a touchdown.

After 2 failed runs and a pass that falls incomplete they drop back on 4th and long and let it fly to the right side.  The pass is complete.

The DB (yes, controlled by me) goes too wide and opens the lane for the first down, a mere 4 yards away.

Yet I recover in time to drop him 2 yards short.

Nebraska: 38 - Iowa State: 31

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Another MVP Baseball '05 Tale Jun. 6th, 2005 @ 01:18 am
The game was an old fashioned pitcher's duel between Derrick Lowe and Ben Hendrickson, starting in place of the injured Wes Obermueller.

The game is 0-0 until the bottom of the fourth, when with two outs and Geoff Jenkins @ third, J.J. Hardy uses the swinging bunt to perfection for an infield single to scratch out a run.

The lead was short-lived, as the leadoff hitter in the top of the fifth, Hee-Seop Choi hits a short homerun to left-center. In a funny moment, Lowe got ejected after he charged the mound following a plunking by Hendrickson the following inning. Fast forward to the top of the ninth. Jorge De La Rosa is on in relief of Hendrickson, and retires the first two hitters in prompt fashion. Then he allows a double to Milton "Meltdown" Bradley, and to the plate steps Brewer Killer extrordinaire, J.D. Drew. Drew grounds a single to center, but Brady Clark guns down Bradley at the plate in a bang-bang play, made possible by a great tag by Damian Miller, who swiped at Bradley's hand as he slid by on his back.

To the bottom of the ninth, when with two outs and facing Eric Gagne, J.J. Hardy steps to the plate again. Gagne had struck out Miller and Russell Branyan 1-2-3 to start the inning, and went 0-2 on Hardy. On a changeup in and at the knees, Hardy hits a high, majestic fly to left field, which just reaches the seats for a walk-off homer.

Final score: Milwaukee 2, L.A. 1

Hendrickson didn't get the win, but he pitched quite well, going 7, allowing just the homer to Choi and scattering 3 other hits while striking out 6.

De La Rosa collected the W in relief, and both Eric Gagne and Derrick Lowe can eat sour grapes.
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The man who knows no fear. Apr. 25th, 2005 @ 07:09 pm
Game: MVP Baseball 2005 (PS2)
Brewers @ Padres

This was a fun game.  It started as a good old fashioned pitchers duel between Doug Davis and Brian Lawrence.  We were scoreless until Henry Blanco's 2-out homer in the 4th (Blanco has come home to Milwaukee, courtesy of Damian Miller playing his way out of the job :p).

The game continued somewhat uneventfully until the bottom of the eigth, when I lifted Davis in order to face Phil Nevin, who feasts on southpaws, with a righty, despite the fact that Davis had been pitching a one-hitter.  I'm always a big proponent of letting your pen win/lose the game if your starter is tired, irregardless of how he has been pitching, and so this decision was right in line for me.  Ricky Botallico, who recently lost his job as the closer to Mike Adams, was handed the ball.  He promptly gave up a first pitch single to Nevin before striking out Ramon Hernandez.  Khalil Greene drew a walk on four pitches that just missed the black.  At this point, I had Adams warming and Jorge De La Rosa and Justin Lehr hot and ready to go, with Dave Roberts at the plate.  A pinch hitter (some random righthanded minor-leaguer) is announced for Roberts, and I see all the guys on their bench are righthanded, so I grab Lehr and have DLR stay ready in case it gets back to the top of the order (with Sean Burroughs and Ryan Klesko 1-2).  Lehr gives up a scorching single to left, but thankfully, the throw from Carlos Lee a.k.a. El Caballo froze Nevin at third.  Now I have bases loaded for Xavier Nady, and I'm pulling my hair out.

Now, I'm very firm in my belief that the closer should NEVER EVER EVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES PITCH MORE THAN ONE SINGLE INNING.  (See Mariano Rivera in the playoffs as of late, if you don't understand why.)  Thusly, I refuse to grab Adams.  Instead, I go out and talk to Lehr, and he responded positvely.  The computer tried to make me give up runs by pulling the infield in, but that made no sense, cause there was only one out, and Lehr is a groundball pitcher.  I set em back, and go 0-2 on Nady with splitters, trying my best to get a DP ball.  My next pitch, a back-door slider, is hit hard at JJ Hardy, but it's in the hole.  He makes a great toss to Bill Hall at second, who somehow manages to get a throw off without getting killed, and we get Nady by a half step at first.  Bruce Bochy comes out to valiantly argue the call at first, which earns him an ejection and a shower of boos from the SD faithful fans.

When Adams takes over for the ninth, the drama was not done yet.  Adams K's Burroughs and pops up Klesko, and we looked to be headed for an easy inning.  A pea off the bat of Mark Loretta (damned ex-Brewers) and a bloop double by Brian Giles set up 2nd and 3rd, and once again, we've got a ball game.  Up next is Phil Nevin, who started the nonsense in the eighth.  After an 8 pitch AB, Nevin fans at a frisbee of a slider, and we escape with a 1-0 win.
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Apr. 20th, 2005 @ 04:17 pm
I just had an interesting game. It was a pitchers duel between Victor Santos and Brandom Webb.

Webb was just shutting me down. Santos gave up a run and was done after 6 innings. In the 7th, Carlos Lee led the inning off with a double.

Geoff Jenkins struck out (what a suprise!).

Russell Branyan comes up, hits a broken-bat shot down the first base line which is snared for an out by a diving Chad Tracy. Lee had started towards third so I had to send him back. Tracy fired the ball to second from his knees while kneeling in the first base coaches box, but his errant throw gets past Alex Cintron into left center field.

Once Lee gets up from sliding back into second I send him around to third, and just about as he reaches third Luis Gonzalez fields the ball and tosses it back into the infield. I decided to be gutsy and send Lee towards home, figuring with my #7 hitter up and two outs I'd rather take the chance now and see what happens with Gonzalez's weak arm. Gonzalez got the ball to Cintron, and Cintron got it to the catcher, but Lee slid to the visitor's dugout side of the plate and beat the throw to score a run and tie the game at 1-1.

Andy Pratt pitched 2 scoreless frames in relief of Santos, and in the bottom of the 8th after Arizona pinch-hit for Brandon Webb, Mike Fetters was pitching and gave up a first pitch fastball home run to Bill Hall. A Mark Loretta home run 2 batters later made the score 3-1 and Ricky Bottalico nailed it down in the 9th for his 25th save.

It was actually kind of fun to have a close game for once, I'd been winning a lot of games 11-0, 12-1 lately, lol.
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Other entries
» Walks!
I am moreso proud of this because I hardly ever walk, but apparently I decided to be patient today. Zach Day was horrendously erratic, and while I only got 3 hits off of him, I drew 6 walks and hit a 3-run tater and a grand slam off of him, lol.

Walks!Collapse )

I had a chance to walk with Hall against Rauch in the bottom of the 8th, he actually fell behind 3-0, but came back and threw four straight strikes as I lined out to the second baseman.

Note: this isn't my regular lineup. Russ Branyan is injured, and Carlos Lee is suspended. Thus, Hardy and Byrnes are playing. Lee usually hits 4th, Branyan 6th. I am using Loretta as cleanup because he is just on fire right now (as you can see, lol.). Junior Spivey is never going to see the second base job again once he comes back from being out 60-some days with a torn PCL, lol.
» MVP Baseball 2004
Ben Sheets goes throws 8 shutout innings at home against the Reds, with 8 strikeouts.
Mike Adams comes in to close it out in the ninth and promptly gives up back to back doubles to Adam Dunn and Jason LaRue, blowing a save and tying up the game.
After getting out of the jam, Dave Krynzel leads off the top of the 9th with a base hit.
Junior Spivey popped out to the 3rd baseman.
While Lyle Overbay is at bat, Krynzel steals second on a strike.
Krynzel steals third on strike 2.
0-2 count to Overbay and the Reds intentionally walk him to get to Carlos Lee which makes sense, he's my worst hitter at .226.
What didn't make sense was then intentionally walking Carlos Lee to face my best hitter in Geoff Jenkins at .350.
After starting out 0-2 (and swinging at some mighty ugly pitches, I might add) Jenkins lines a shot over the short stop bringing in Krynzel with the winning run from 3rd.

What a finish..
» Meet the Kerr family, version 1.0
Not that anyone cares, but I procured myself a copy of The Sims 2 over the weekend, and just managed to start playing last night.
I spent about two hours just building the house and another hour watching the madness that ensued.
First of all, Dan, aka Pyro, couldn't cook mac and cheese without a visit from the fire department. Tiff, aka Red, managed to woohoo (which is sim for sex, or something) with Dan. This took a lot of hot tub action, though, let me tell you. Josh, who you may know in my lj as Nathias, along with JJ, who is a loser without a lj, managed to spend a whole day smelling like a hot, sweaty ass before wandering into a shower. Josh managed to hire a male maid, who may or may not be gay.
Since it was my first attempt, I will probably scrap all that and start over again, making the Kerr Family 2.0, so Josh can aspire to be a man-whore, JJ can aspire to be a money-maker, which leaves Dan and Tiff to make all the babies.
A side note, The real Josh asked that I make "Josh's Love Lounge" that included an awesome stereo, shag carpeting, lava lights, and a hot tub, among other various things.
Anyway, if you care, I'll probably have some stories to share soon.
» Just Finished Week 8 in Madden '05
Here are the stats:

weekly awardsCollapse )

PassingCollapse )

RushingCollapse )

ReceivingCollapse )

DefensiveCollapse )

I noted that not only did they limit the sack number to 63, but they also limit scoring to 255 pts per game, and they programmed the cheerleader's boobs to jiggle when they cheer. If we could get Madden to throw out the cheerleaders, maybe we could get him to allow more than 63/255 AND make it ten bucks cheaper.
Though I am glad they finally included the Lambeau Leap.
Have any of you figured out how to turn off the salary cap in '05? I'd like to get Favre back from the Cowboys as a backup QB. If Gaynor goes down, we're fucked, cuz I can't get Steve Kerr(K) to qualify as a QB.
» (No Subject)
This is an old story, but I haven't posted a tale yet and I started this damn community. I figured I need to post something. :P

The Greatest.Race.Evar! (NASCAR 2003)Collapse )
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