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Sep. 11th, 2004 @ 12:40 pm
This community could use an icon..

Personally, I'd just put a green Xbox X, but that's kinda one way.. any ideas?

Update: I went with the Xbox icon for the time being, until something better comes along.
Update #2: Ok, I made a lame little animated icon that should work..

Sep. 1st, 2004 @ 02:38 am
Kris Jenkins just has a knack for having major injuries it seems. In the first season I did in Madden 2005 he broke his elbow and was out for the entire season. I ended up not keeping that season and starting a new one for reasons that I was stupid and did dumb things with my team that I regretted later, lol.

Now Jenkins has a broken foot and is out 8 (now 6) weeks. I'll be lucky to get him back in the NFC Championship game. I am just glad that the Marlon Favorite dude (Rookie from Alabama) has figured out how to play football at the NFL level. The first couple games I started him after trading Brentson Buckner he looked like ass. Now he is actually becoming a force. Now I have to hope that between the Sopoanga dude and the Dorian Capers guy I can make a decent defensive tackle to play #2.

In the meantime, Dan Morgan contiunes to own the free world of defense, LOL. He leads my team in tackles (77), sacks (35), interceptions (14 T-1st with Mike McKenzie), Forced Fumbles (7), Fumble Recoveries (4, T-1st) and defensive touchdowns (9), all of this through 12 games, LOL.

I find to to be so fun to beat up on people who betrayed you, or you just generally don't like. I injured Craig Nall after he complained his way out of town because he got too big for his britches and thought because he was a 91 overall he deserved to start. No Craig, Jake. Now you get to go be 2-9 with the Buccaneers and watch as every pass you throw ends up in the hands of my defenders.

And the crowning moment of my gaming the past few days, me blowing up Nick Luchey time after time after time to sack Brett Favre. That made me feel so warm inside I can't tell you. William Henderson wouldn't go down that easy, LOL.

By the way, if you ever play the Dolphins, double cover David Boston because their QB's make the raging googly-eye for him and if he is covered they don't know what to do and either a) get sacked or b) throw picks.

That is all, lol. [X-Posted to maddenfootball]

Rant about NCAA 2005 Aug. 27th, 2004 @ 05:38 pm
I used to enjoy playing NCAA 2005 until they did something to me that made me so angry I wanted to break the disk in half: after I had won 4 consecutive national championships, they decided to "saction me" and take away 20 scholarships over 2 years (10/yr). Why? I have no clue. I always punished my players with suspensions when they did something wrong (excessively somtimes, I made sure the grade for the punishment was at LEAST a B), I always made sure to keep my violation bar under 1/4th full and in the light green, and I didn't cheat or anything.

Yet, they sanction ME, instead of any other schools, including Kansas State, who's violation bar is BROWN and 3/4ths full by this point. Right then and there I was || close to deleting my dynasty all together, but since I figured I wanted to import players into Madden, I decided I would just start simming seasons and deal with the lack of scholarships. And you know what my record was in those two years I simmed? 26-0 with two national championship wins. And that was with the computer trying to make every good player I had EVAR transfer to different schools or come out early for the pro draft.

Well let me tell you what, NCAA 2005. I have my scholarships back now. I STILL won my national championships. I am STILL undefeated. You can cheat all you want, I own you, will continue to own you, and will whore you as I please. I will continue to get 15+ 5-star recruits every season and continue kicking your ass. I will do it with a smile on my face, too.

You've forgotten the cardinal rule of video games: ME. Not you, only me. NEVER EVER you.

[/vengeful post] lol.
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Madden 04 Aug. 27th, 2004 @ 10:20 am
okay well i was playing madden 04 after playing a very long week end of Halo. well i was waiting for the cpu ot start the play when i glanced across the screen and saw a plasma grenade laying in the middle of the field. "Watch out there is a plasma" i screamed at the TV and then realized it was madden i was playing not halo. the plasma turned out to to be the ref in the middle of the feild.

Advertising Aug. 27th, 2004 @ 09:51 am
If anyone belongs to any video game or otherwise related communities, feel free to advertise the community if you want.

I only belong to one myself, but I threw up a couple ads in xbox and community_promo.
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Awesome community k0rdell!

Most of my stories will be sports game related, and I guess I can start with my game against the Patriots today in Madden 2005.

I won 100something to 0, but it was fun because everyone was up for the game and it seemed like both teams were trying. It was just that my defense (I use Carolina) smothered them every time they tried to mount any offense, and boy did they try, LOL. Corey Dillon fumbled 4 times (3 lost, one went out of bounds), their rookie fullback fumbled once, I picked off Brady a few times, and generally went on about asshating. They did force a fumble of their own and intercept me once, though, so that is why it seemed like they were trying to. We would just keep slugging it out, and eventually my defense won.

P.S. - I love the hit stick, LOL.
» Welcome
Welcome to the community. I figure I should say a little something at least.

The whole point to this community was that I and a few friends seem to fill up our journals with all this video game (especially football video games) talk and I figured it would be a whole lot easier to just have a community dedicated to it. Besides, we can't be the only ones around with such interests.
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