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Nebraska: 38 - Iowa State: 31 - Video Game Tales

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Previous Entry Nebraska: 38 - Iowa State: 31 Jul. 31st, 2005 @ 01:08 am Next Entry

Iowa State jumped out to a staggering 17-0 start before I even knew what had hit me.

Midway through the 2nd quarter I managed a FG.  Then I started to drive.

With the score 17-3 and less than a minute left in the 1st half I run my Heisman candidate QB (named after myself, of course) to the left on an option.  I tuck it up field and head toward the sideline.

Just as I hit the sideline, I get nailed.


Out for the game.

So my backup QB Zac Taylor steps in.  He's a better thrower but can't run worth a damn.  Luckily I've got Cory "Porkchop" Ross in the backfield, and I highly intend to lean on him, hard.  But with time running out and 50+ yards to go, I head to the air.

15 yard completion to the right side, spike the ball.
30 yard completion down the middle, spike the ball.

This is a huge 7 points for me, I get the ball to start the 2nd half, and I call a run.  Porkchop off the right tackle.

He skirts into the endzone to close the lead to 17-10.

Fast forward to the end of the game.

Score: Nebraska: 17 Iowa State: 24  2 minutes remaining

I'm driving down the field rather well but get stuck in a 4th and long inside their 50, and fall short.  But on State's first play they air it out and I step in front of it for a pick...

Only to follow it up with a ball that falls just short of my open WR in the endzone and it gets picked off.  First snap of the ball they hand it off and the RB gets nailed by LeKevin Smith who jars the ball loose and it gets picked up by Titus Adams.  We're in business again.

Leaning very heavily (read: completely) on Porkchop, I sneak into the endzone with :18 seconds remaining on the clock.  We're going to overtime.

I win the toss and choose to go on defense first.  Iowa State takes the ball and after stopping them cold on their first 2 plays, they sneak past my zone for a completion down to the 3.

Again, stopping them stone cold on their first 2 plays, they manage to run it in on their 3rd try.

Dammit.  31-24

A couple short passes and a Porkchop or two later, 'Chop is dancing into the endzone for the game tying TD.  My turn.

The first play from scrimmage in the 2nd OT, Porkchop takes it 'round the right end and dashes 25 yards for a touchdown.

After 2 failed runs and a pass that falls incomplete they drop back on 4th and long and let it fly to the right side.  The pass is complete.

The DB (yes, controlled by me) goes too wide and opens the lane for the first down, a mere 4 yards away.

Yet I recover in time to drop him 2 yards short.

Nebraska: 38 - Iowa State: 31

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